Design Ideas
There is now such a diverse range of brickwork or stonework offered including the traditional freestanding, retaining and decorative walling. As well as defining boundaries, brickwork can also be used to create a garden’s space and style. It can be used to build raised flowerbeds, barbecues for entertaining, ponds, seating areas, pathways and decorative features.

Hardscape Selections
Numerous bricks and stones are now available on the market for each unique garden path or boundary wall. Whether a traditional, classic, timeless, rustic or weathered finish is required, it is important to consider the following before your selection. First, the brick/stone type; is it frost resistant, this will prolong the life of the wall and counteract the effects of erosion. Second, the low salt content; this will help to minimize the effects of efflorescence and last, both the color and texture which should blend in aesthetically with the immediate surroundings.

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